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Conceptual Design

Understanding the client’s requirements in terms of:

  • Production Capacity

  • Quality Criteria

  • Flexibility

-  Proposing one or more strategies for execution, which includes

  • Process flow diagram with production mass equilibrium

  • Conceptual layout of the production floor plant

  • Written explanation of equipment and systems

  • Preliminary project timeline

  • Cost projection with a precision level of ±30%, derived from our historical project cost database

Engineering Support.jpg

Preliminary Engineering

-  Conceptual design, enhancement, and comprehensive process description
-  Energy and mass balance
-  Initial plant floor layout including equipment
-  Flow diagram for people, materials, products, and waste
-  Initial engineering of building and all services and engineering disciplines
-  Strategy for construction
-  Initial project schedule
-  Cost projection with a precision level of ±20%, based on main process equipment quotes


Start-up and Qualification

-  Providing support to the contractor and equipment suppliers during the initiation of their equipment and systems
-  Verification of the final installation, operation, and performance of all equipment and systems according to previously written test procedures, confirmation of final equipment turnover
-  Review and proposal of revisions to supplier’s documentation and warranties to safeguard the Owner’s interest

Detailed Engineering.jpg

Detailed Engineering

-  Detailed construction blueprints and specifications for architectural, structural, civil, mechanical, electrical, controls, and fire protection, based on the requirements of the chosen process equipment
-  For long lead delivery of building equipment, preparation of pre-purchase documents and monitoring of the tendering process
-  Comprehensive project schedule, including start-up and commissioning
-  Cost projection with a precision level of ±15%, based on building contractors’ estimates



-  Preparation and monitoring of tendering for all construction packages.
-  Evaluation of bids and recommendation
-  Review of submittal and shop drawings
-  Overseeing technical aspects and issuing on-site instructions
-  Regular site inspections
- Review and approval of change orders
-  Preparation of deficiency list and monitoring of corrective measures
-  Provisional and final acceptance of work following the successful start-up
-  Preparation of as-built drawings based on contractors’ drawings
- Monitoring of cost and schedule



-  Provision of engineering, maintenance, and project management personnel at the client’s premises
-  Swift response to any emergency
- Continuous remote support

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