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Who We Are

We are a team of experienced engineers and designers working together effectively to deliver reliable, consistent project results to you, our customer.

Our diverse expertise and scalable capacity ensure we can handle all your projects, from the smallest to the most complex.

We are able to support equipment procurement and supply, should you require full-service solutions.

Take Advantage of Our Expertise


1. Utilize our multi-disciplinary knowledge and experience base (ie. product design + process design + equipment design) to avoid the cost of knowledge transfer or negotiation with team members, thus reducing project costs significantly.

2. Utilize our equipment specialties and engineering expertise such as scrubber design, tolerance stack-up analysis, titanium pickling to achieve specific goal.

3. Utilize our consulting service for resolving multi-disciplinary issues in the most cost-effective manner.

4. Utilize our scaleable service to manage larger projects beyond the capability of a limited internal team. We can provide the support that can meet your short term needs for executing a new project.

5. Utilize our practical approach to execute projects based on allotted budgets; you may not be able to do exactly what you want with your given budget, but we can help you determine and execute a realistic scope of work with a quantifiable outcome that will make your project the best success it can be.

6. Our competitive business model allows us to provide an excellent level of service at minimal cost. Pursuing a project with Trios is the first choice to help guide your project down the path of success. Use our expertise, practical nature, and competitive cost structure to achieve the best results for your customer.

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